The Mobile Solar ArrayTM

The MSA-V1 Mobile Solar Array is a transportable solar array capable of converting sunshine into electricity. The MSA-V1 is a full-size, 15 ft. by 17 ft. Solar Array and uses electric actuators and pneumatic cylinders to fold into a street-legal size that is easily rolled onto a trailer. Once transported to the site, the array rolls off the trailer, unfolds, and automatically starts to track the sun. The MSA-V1 is a completely self-contained power source with batteries that provide electricity at night, as well as two on-board computers that monitor power production and environmental conditions. The MSA-V1 also employs our Furling technology, automatically furling to the flattened position to prevent damage from strong winds, and automatically returning to normal operation when the winds subside.

Potential Applications

General Specifications

The Mobile Solar Array is not sold online. Please contact us if you are interested in the Mobile Solar Array.

Mobile Solar Array being towed behind a pickup truck Mobile Solar Array in front of RV